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Gayle Stewart's first introduction to pottery occurred while she attended college at Ohio State University. Her roommate brought back various projects from a pottery class in which she was enrolled. This sparked Gayle's interest in trying the art. "While I was working with a handful of clay I noticed the people next to me on the potter's wheel," Gayle says. "I thought that looked easier, so I picked up a fresh batch of clay and started playing around with it. Somebody who knew the potter's wheel better than I did watched me and took pity on me. It just went from there and since then I can't remember really wanting to do anything else. It was a hobby that got really out of hand." Gayle maintained her interest in pottery over the next twelve years while she worked as a social worker. After the birth of her third child, a desire to be with her young children and her love of the art finally persuaded her to pursue pottery professionally. She began entering retail shows, established a number of wholesale accounts through sales representatives and has maintained a thriving business since 1987. According to Gayle, "The highest compliments I have received over the years have been that I made someone's favorite mug or other often-used item." She adds, "I am always open to suggestions for new items." Sugar Loaf Pottery is named after Sugar Loaf Park, a nature preserve in Granville, OH, which occupies the hill behind the home where Gayle produces all her work.